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The Wedding Planner

The decision to set up my own event planning company was one I made following my wedding. The night before we got married, when I should have been enjoying the BBQ and drinks reception we had planned with our family and friends, I was busy styling the venue. I think I underestimated, as a bride, how much work was involved in planning such a large wedding.

Although I loved decorating the venue and adding the final personal touches, I would have preferred to spend that moment in time with those I love. The morning of the wedding everything was outwith my hands (as it is with all brides) and as I didn't have a Wedding Planner it kept playing on my mind that there was no one to coordinate the many suppliers we had, some of which had never visited the venue before. If I had someone there to plan and coordinate these things I wouldn't have had any of those stresses and would have felt more relaxed in the lead up to the ceremony.

Contrary to popular belief, a Wedding Planner will not cost you more money but will in fact SAVE you money. I have spent a lot of time building up a strong supplier base with some of the best in the business and this has allowed me to negotiate discounted rates which means I can ensure I stick well within my clients' budgets. And it is also a myth that hiring a Wedding Planner means outsourcing your entire wedding - I will only handle what my clients want me to (which means couples can do all the fun stuff and leave the "boring" stuff to the professionals!)

We all remember Franck Eggelhoffer...the eccentric Wedding Planner in the box office hit Father of the Bride, who organised an extravagant wedding with a price tag to match! The father of the bride was left footing the bill with very little say or input into the day. Of course the event was spectacular, but spectacular events can also be accomplished on a budget. And as a Wedding Planner, I am here to guide and to make creative suggestions....but don't worry, I wont be forcing anyone to have a pond full of swans or an elaborate ice sculpture on display! But if it's snowing and the flowers need thawing out with a hairdryer, I'm your woman (the less glamorous side to what I do but if it needs doing then it will be done!)

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