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When I received the call to say We Fell In Love, a wedding blog site featuring Scotland's most beautiful and inspiring weddings, wanted to do a feature on our wedding, I was honoured and delighted! Not only was it amazing to have the opportunity to be able to share the best day of my life with others but I also felt very flattered that all the hard work and creativity I had put in to the day had been recognised. It also gave me the opportunity to share my experiences and thank all the wonderful suppliers that had played such an important role in our special day.

On the We Fell In Love website it states that they love when a couple stamp their personality on the day and are true to themselves. That is exactly what we did and I encourage all my brides to do this too. What truly sets a wedding apart from the next is the special, personal touches that relate to the bride and groom. It is so easy to get carried away when organizing a wedding but I always like to remind couples of what the day is about. Them. At the end of the day, the most important thing is two people that love each other taking that love to the next step in their amazing journey and sharing that with those they love. All the rest comes second to that.

I was equally honoured, when attending the Your Wedding Exhibition at the AECC in January, to discover my wedding video was being played on the big screen prior to the catwalk shows. I won't lie - when I initially saw myself on the big screen, coupled with hearing my voice booming around the PA systems, I hid behind my hands but then my intial embarrassment turned to an immense feeling of pride and it was lovely to relive the day at such a wonderful event with future brides!

You can check out our feature on the We Fell In Love website at the below link. I think our three usherettes (our adorably cute beagles Lola, Noodle and Rubie) were the initial inspiration behind the feature. It's not every day you see three little waggy tails welcoming guests to a wedding but they are such an important part of our lives and we wanted to include them in our special day. Thankfully they behaved!!

Enjoy! xx

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